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Since I started here at JISC Techdis I’ve taken over the responsibility for the InFolio project.  Infolio is an accessible eportfolio which was developed for Techdis by the Rix Centre at the University of East London.

It was financed by 4 Independent Specialist Colleges (ISC) pooling some grant funding and was launched in the summer of 2009.

The In-Folio Rollout Tour – Summer 2009 from Rix Centre on Vimeo.

Since then a large number of specialist colleges have received their own server to run Infolio in their own organisation.  We have had a few teething troubles with these servers but these are slowly being ironed out.

In-Folio is a great application which allows learners or users to upload their own content in a simple and effective way.  It allows users to create their own digital identity.  It has automatic text to speech and can host images, audio and videos.

It also has a unique and innovative picture log in with ‘secret clicks’ which can be customised for each individual user.

There will be more – much more about Infolio over on the Infolio page – at the top of the blog.

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