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Earlier this week my colleague Terry McAndrew and I went up to Glasgow to take part in a JISC Legal live webcast.   The subject was ‘Recording Lectures’ and it involved us as well as Steve from JISC digital media and Jason from JISC Legal.  We had done a huge amount of planning beforehand with Simon and Alistair and Terry had drawn up the ‘mother of all mindmaps’.  We had a large list of points to bring up – which would have taken more than the 2 hours allocated to the event.  We had wanted to start with a ‘why lecture’ discussion and then move onto the reasons for and against recording lectures.  As it was there was little time for a more in depth discussion.

They have a pretty neat set up in the Alexander Turnbull building of Strathclyde University with 4 cameras and a basic production suite (I think).  There was not enough room for both Terry and I to take part in the broadcast so I felt like an anxious manager as I sat behind the camera trying not to pull faces or put anyone off.  I monitored the twitter stream which was quite busy though the hashtag of #jisclegalwebcast is a bit long and complicated.  There were lots of questions and the two hours flew by.  Terry was brilliant and managed to tweet at least 5 links to our resources during the session.  Another useful link he mentioned were the Seed Guides from the English subject centre which I hadn’t come across before.

There were just under 500 people who logged in though some of those may have been multiple log-ins.  The recording will be available in a week or so and I’ll post it here once it is.

So thank you to Jason and the team for inviting us and for your generosity and hospitality (the strawberry tarts were truly delicious).

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