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One of the sections of toolbox is focussed on planning. However, like all the resource son toolbox they can also be found via the ‘Different Needs’ section.  For example under the Memory and Concentration section you will find lots of ideas to help to keep you on track of your work or to jog your memory when you need to remember to do a certain task.    Using sticky notes which are part of the Windows 7 operating system is a good way to keep  a reminder on your screen – until you’ve got the chance to actually do your task.

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The TechDis Toolbox TBX has a large number of resources to help you to work smarter, quicker and more efficiently.  One of the categories is Planning and Organisation giving quick and easy tips to help you be more efficient and professional.

Do you get bogged down with a never ending ‘To do lists’ perhaps you don’t even do any?  See the short video below for some ideas on managing your workload.

For more information and a downloadable guidance document on the Toolbox site itself. 

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