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Two posts in one day!  I couldn’t get a YouTube video to upload to our team blog so I’ve moved back over here.  We’ve eventually got a selection of excellent ‘how to’ videos from Matt Harrison at Portland College and some not so good ones from me. The basic introduction is here.

There are 5 in all with more to come in the new term.  However, they are all linked together in a Xerte package so progression is easier to see.   You can access the package here.   For those not familiar with Xerte you navigate using the left and right arrows at the top right hand side of the pages.

In-Folio was developed as a collaboration between JISC Techdis, the Rix Centre and Independent Specialist Colleges.  We are intending to publish the code for this development in the next month so are hopeful that we will then build a community of developers.

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I’ve been to a couple of events showcasing the rollout of the new in-folio eportfolio system developed for specialist colleges by JISC TechDis and the Rix centre. The system is simple and can be built up to produce a good body of evidence of achievement and progress. I’ll be building up my own in the next few months with a view to using it for presentations. There are still a few bugs, but they are small and they should be ironed out by September for a full start up with a number of colleges.

As part of the day Nick Weldin from the Rix Centre (named after the actor Brian Rix – head of Mencap) also did some demonstrations of some of the things they are looking at currently. These include the Asus smart log-in (and he is the only person I’ve met who can pronounce it properly! – Asus that is) and the Wii tap.  I’ve just got to get one of these – how cool is this for specialist college learners.

I’ll report back on other stuff when I’ve had a go – if I can make it work then there’s a chance it should be easy.

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