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One of the main sections in the TechDis Toolbox is on organisation and planning.  This deals with managing your messages, information and time.  There are some real gems in here but one of the finest is a short video on ‘getting things done’ – simple tips to help you make a start on those difficult jobs you’re reluctant to even look at!

For those who haven’t realised ‘A Round Tuit’ is something that you need before to start to do a job as in – I’ll begin that report when I get ‘around to it’.

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The TechDis Toolbox TBX has a large number of resources to help you to work smarter, quicker and more efficiently.  One of the categories is Planning and Organisation giving quick and easy tips to help you be more efficient and professional.

Do you get bogged down with a never ending ‘To do lists’ perhaps you don’t even do any?  See the short video below for some ideas on managing your workload.

For more information and a downloadable guidance document on the Toolbox site itself. 

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