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I visited the Manchester College yesterday and was very impressed with some of the work being done by the Intro to Work course.  This is one of the MoLeNet supported courses using mobile technology for learners who are achieving at around entry level on the Adult Qualifications Framework.  They are using the social networking tool, Ning to support each other and work together as part of their college course. It was great to see each of the learners using the site independently and showing me how to upload videos from YouTube and create mash ups of photos. The site is effectively being used as an eportfolio for the group.

Each of the group had a work placement on a weekly basis and a couple of them were doing a great piece of work for mobility training.  They had taken a numer of bus rides and photographed landmarks along the way.  They then used a piece of software I hadn’t come across before called ‘Comic Life‘.  This uses uploaded photos with added captions to and create a comis strip type story.

While I was there one of them said to me  “You should use more technology for education – it’s easier for people like me to use”  I did suggest he might like my job!

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Nokia Labs have produced a application that reads sms messages in braille.  No it doesn’t produce raised bumps on the screen but vibrates for each letter according to which of the 6 dots in the braille cell are raised.  The buzz will be loud or soft according to the status of the dot. This in effect means that there are 6 different ‘buzzes’ for each letter.

Braille users are very enthusiastic about using braille but I wonder how difficult it will be to wait for 840 buzzes for a full 140 character text message.  the application is free to download here. As I’m not a brailler, I’ll wait for feedback from those who are.

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