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I’m a great believer in making things easy.  I used to work in a college where we had to contribute to a 25-30 page report for each student.  It was difficult enough to find you own department’s section when using the search facility but most staff simply scrolled down – a frustrating waste of time. If we had formatted the documents correctly we could have just used the document map and gone directly to the right place.

I wanted to demonstrate two things with this post – one that formatting a document correctly is easy and saves time and two that you can create a simple ‘how to’ video guide in a very short time.  This was done using camstudio free software for capturing what happens on the screen.  It’s not polished, it’s not perfect and there are a couple of mistakes – but – it was quick and simple to do.  In fact it took as long as the video runs – 2 minutes.

The video shows how the use of  the document map view can help a user navigate round a long document.  The fact that this then makes the document very accessible to all users is an added benefit.  This was done using word 2007 – 2010 is much the same but the option to be clicked is ‘document view’.  Why isn’t information like this included within mainstream training courses?

There is a much more comprehensive details of this on our main website as part of Accessibility Essentials

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