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I’ve been to a couple of events showcasing the rollout of the new in-folio eportfolio system developed for specialist colleges by JISC TechDis and the Rix centre. The system is simple and can be built up to produce a good body of evidence of achievement and progress. I’ll be building up my own in the next few months with a view to using it for presentations. There are still a few bugs, but they are small and they should be ironed out by September for a full start up with a number of colleges.

As part of the day Nick Weldin from the Rix Centre (named after the actor Brian Rix – head of Mencap) also did some demonstrations of some of the things they are looking at currently. These include the Asus smart log-in (and he is the only person I’ve met who can pronounce it properly! – Asus that is) and the Wii tap.  I’ve just got to get one of these – how cool is this for specialist college learners.

I’ll report back on other stuff when I’ve had a go – if I can make it work then there’s a chance it should be easy.

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